I highly recommend you read this excellent piece, written by Olivier Delebecque, about a 20ft sailboat called Godot and it’s voyage to the Azores (Link below). The last paragraph is some of the best I have ever come across…

“The observer who remains on the quay always has difficulty in imagining life at sea. He always wraps it in a veil. The more I left the shore, advancing far from the land, the more this passage reduced the fields of interference in my thoughts, I came every day to question the performance, and the clothes of the city disintegrated in tatters. The insignificance of life at sea, my non-existence with regard to the community, cleared up all sorts of unformed intuitions. The world of art and its performers whom I attended assiduously a few weeks before, appeared quite thin and insipid, its magnetism had lost all its power, a fixed circle without movement. Arguments fundamentally opposed: on the one hand the aesthetes and on the other the public, the anonymous; To detect the performance where it was born of itself, this thought became a safe place in my mind and had not left it since Plymouth. It is the same distance that separates performance in art from performance in life which is that of the anonymous, pure performance, non-documented, improvised, without archive, without announcement, without appointment; something calm, non-anthropocentric. ”

Godot waiting for Jester – photo stolen from the Jester Challenge Ocean Race Track page.
Jester in the Azores – again stolen from the Jester Challenge Ocean Race Track page.

Link to Olivier’s story: http://www.jesterinfo.org/godot.html


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