Ambiguity (It will happen when it happens…)

People always ask me what my deadlines are or when I will do some specific task. Sometimes I try to give them a firm date, but it almost never turns out the way I suggested. This can result in a lot of anger and worse disappointment.

Resultantly, I have become ambiguous…

Now, when people ask me when I will do something I tell them soon. When is soon? Soon is whenever I feel like it.

This philosophy, I feel, is very important for the mental well being of any sailor. Our lives are not dominated by arbitrary time schedules, but rather by our own internal clocks and the rhythm of nature.

This is not only appropriate talk when discussing sailing, it is also relevant when refitting or building a boat. Yes! Time is important as you don’t want to sit at the dock for too long, but you also don’t want to miss out on some good sailing when you can.

All my restoration projects  may, therefore, take some time. But, bare with me because all good things to come to an end.





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