Rebuilding the Cabin Floor – Part 1

Yesterday I started removing the old cabin floor which started to disintegrate. I could not find any prominent rot so I concluded that the plywood simply could not survive the strain of constant wear and tear. This is because the underlying structure did not adequately support the cabin floor.


Above: The old cabin floor, looking into the bilge.

Below: The bilge after the cabin floor was removed. Note all the dust and gunk that accumulated below the floor.


Below: Some plywood that was removed. The large piece is from the starboard bunk and is still in good condition.


Below: The old engine bay, with the position of the old engine mountings still visible.


I hope to sand the bilge and floor this week after which I will give it 2 to 3 coats of hard-wearing enamel paint. Additionally I plan to build up the supporting structure with plywood and epoxy after which I will install 18mm marine ply for the new cabin floor.


5 thoughts on “Rebuilding the Cabin Floor – Part 1

    1. Hi Paul,

      Currently I am not planing on replacing the manual or automatic bilge pumps as they are still in good working order. I would like to replace the manual bilge pump with one of those gigantic whale pumps (117lts per minute), but unfortunately that is still outside my budget.



      1. Thanks for the reply, Gerrit !
        Can I ask – with the electrics, are the wires easy enough to get to, and are there many, looking at pictures there only seem to be 8 fuses ?


      2. Paul,

        The electrics is a mess! I have not yet investigated the electrics since I’ve bought the boat earlier this year. Some fuses are being used and some not. At the moments I have only got the bare essentials working, i.e: automatic bilge pump, tri-colour and VHF.

        I hope you find this informative.



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