New Stern Rail Design

I have decided to have a new stern rail build since the old one looks a bit rough around the edges (pun intended). I really like the current design where there is a seat incorporated for one to sit on when operating the outboard motor. From this seat I can easily adjust speed or kill the motor while steering the tiller with my feet. The only down side, however, is the poor level of workmanship that went into the construction.

Below is a photograph (taken during the initial survey in April) of the current stern rail.


Using Google SketchUp and some measurements I took this morning in 35knots of wind I came up with this design.

seat seat2 seat3

This is only my first draft and all measurements are still to be finalised. Hopefully I will have quotes for the new stern rail by the end of this week. I am also busy with a refit of the outboard bracket which I want to get installed as soon as possible so that I can go sailing again. I will definitely write a post on that as well in the near future.


4 thoughts on “New Stern Rail Design

  1. This is a bad place to sit, and it was never designed with this sort of seat. Jeremy has never seen anything like it at the yard, and we would not recommend it. One reason is that such a seat would adversely affect the boat trim – keep weight out of the ends of a Contessa 26. The stern should only have a security rail around it.


    1. Hi Fiona,

      As always, thank you for the great advice!

      Up to this point I have only used this seat when operating the outboard engine when entering or exiting the harbour. Our harbours around here are small and often have surf close to the entrance which makes maneuvering dangerous. Sudden gales are also frequent during summer afternoons and I therefore feel that a relatively safe position from which I can operate the outboard engine and steer at the same time is important.

      Nonetheless, I have taken your concern to heart and will seriously consider this when I make my final decision.


    2. I know it is frowned upon by some but my stern seat and push out have been extremely useful for cruising freeing up space in cockpit or just giving a fab view and change of perspective when single handing. Good on mooring or in berth too. When racing and concerned with weight distribution then we don’t sit on it!
      By the way Fiona you have seen Skirmish’s (co272) pushpit seat arrangement, a few years ago in Lymington, now she lives on the Helford river, Cornwall.

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