Brightwork and Weather Reports.

This morning I woke up before dawn and downloaded the synoptic chart while drinking my coffee. Currently there is a high pressure system over Cape Town, which (in Winter) normally means south easterly winds of about 10 – 15 knots.

I did some work and left the house around 10:30 for Gordon’s Bay. The boat is moored about 30min’s drive from where I live and as I was driving I was glad to see that the south easterly wind predicted seems almost non-existent. Nonetheless, they say the wind is made in Gordon’s Bay and as I was driving over the mountains I could see the wind blowing hard over False Bay.

The harbour is well exposed to the wind and I measured 30knts on the anemometer. I considered going back home, however I was determined to continue to sand the companion way and washboards. I don’t think anyone has ever sanded these as they were in a horrible state. I am convinced that the varnish I removed was the original as applied by Jeremy Rogers. To date I have spend more than 20 hours sanding to get the varnish off in all the places where the weather couldn’t get to it. I believe I am now 95% done, but I have said that before…

I started sanding with a very coarse 80 grit paper to get the most of the varnish off, followed by 100 grit. I will finish it of with either 120 or 180 grit before I apply the new varnish. I bought International’s Perfection Plus varnish for this job. It is rather expensive, but I would like it to last as long as possible. It seems straight forward enough to apply, but the instructions are not as encouraging. I will let you know how it works out.

International Perfection Plus varnish for exterior brightwork.
Finished sanding with 100 grit paper.

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