All Boats Leak.

I want to mention some of the problems I have encountered on board. Most of these could have been avoided by proper maintenance and thoughtful installation and repair.

From the photo below it can be seen that the standing rigging (shrouds and stays) are connected to the chain-plates with one to three inter-linked shackles. The shackles puts the structural integrity of the rigging in question, and could compromise safety.


I suspect that one of the previous owners bought the rigging second-hand, and they are from a boat with a shorter mast. It is fortunately not such a big problem as I would have liked to replace the rigging at some stage anyway.

The next problem is some leakage that I have noticed between the hull and the deck joint. As the joint is supported by a wooden beam I am concerned that rot might occur, if not already present. The only possible cause for the leakage I have found thus far originates from the toe-rail attachment. I believe the toe-rail was replaced added as it is Maranti and not Teak. The toe-rail screws were inserted without care and damaged the fiberglass severely. Below is some photos showing the position of the screws which were used to secure the toe-rail.




Some of these holes are fairly deep, however I haven’t been able to measure the exact depth. I further suspect this might be the cause of the leak because the position of the leaks inside the cabin (below) seems to correlate with the position of the screw holes.


I hope to find some time to fix these as soon as possible so that I can move on to even bigger and more exciting projects such as painting the hull/deck and renaming the boat.


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