The Beginning…

I thought it might be a good idea to post some photos of what my Contessa 26 looked when I found her in Saldanha in April 2015.

Since I have decided to change her name I have removed her name from the photos, any name suggestions will be highly appreciated… Originally she was named Gilgarran, launched in 1967 in Lymington, England as hull number 16. The only information I could find on her is that she was first owned by Mr and Mrs Edward Marris. If anyone has any information on this yacht and particularly on how she got to South Africa you can contact me on the “Contact Us” page.


The outside of the hull and deck is in excellent condition, no osmosis or blisters of any kind. She does have a copper-epoxy type anti-foul which I quite like.


With no in-board motor installed she came with a 9.9hp Mariner outboard which proved to be excellent during our trip from Saldanha to Gordon’s Bay.


The deck is painted bright yellow which is very valuable when the search and rescue team is looking for you half way across the Atlantic, but unfortunately it is not very nice to look at.


So far she has proven to have excellent sea keeping abilities, my only complaint is the lack of self draining cockpits and the very low companionway.

Of course with any 48 year old boat she needs a lot of work, but in general I am very pleased with her.



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